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New Personal Blog by ZEL

By Beauty Train · April 17, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hi everyone! After reading some of the comments that I just read just now, after 2 years! OMG. I didn't know there are a lot of readers who appreciate my posts.


Thank you so much! You inspire me even more to write and update my new blog.


You can visit my new posts here:



I hope to see you all there! Thank you so much! I love you all! :)



Love Lots,



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Semi Hair-rebonding | Hair Extenzo at Glam Salon

By Beauty Train · March 12, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I really wanted to have a make-over with my hair before because it's too dry, coarse, brittle, and very hard to manage maybe due to chemicals on my hair.  I really regret going to cheap salons, they worsen my hair :((  Luckily I have a friend of mine who owns a salon in BF Homes Pergola Mall, quite near my lover's place and they were offering 30% off for all hair services for the month of Love (February)! <3  I really thank them for giving me exemptions.  Supposedly I shouldn't have availed the promo for it's already March 3 when I went there but thanks to my friend Gela!!! Super!

So there, I was scheduled at 1pm on March 3 but I came late hoho. I came around 2pm I think? All their staff are nice.  I even met my friend's mom! She's so pretty, elegant, and kind. (forgot to ask her name tho, :| ) My hairstylist is Joan, she told me she is also the one responsible for Gela's hair. nice nice! :D

You can see the products they are putting onto your hair so you are sure enough that they are using authentic brands like Loreal extenzo etc. Unlike in other salons that I've been to, they will mix the products inside their staff area and sometimes the products' brand names that are displayed are unknown to me so you'll have a doubt like (Oh what's that you're going to put on my tresses :(( ) hahaha. They also have a timer that they set everytime they will put something on the hair so rest assured that your hair won't get burned or something.  In other salons they will just estimate the time -___- (maybe that's why my hair was dry before).

My hair was finished at around 6:30pm and I went home very happy and satisfied.  I've never felt contented with my hair like this before.  It's been a week now and my hair is still soft and smooth.  I really love it!

Here's the picture of my hair right after I came home.  I'll post another picture for update :)

My hair now is really smooth, shiny, and manageable. :)


Will I go there again? Definitely YES! I will let them take care of my hair from now on :)

(Sorry if I wasn't able to take a picture inside the salon.  Will post those when I visit there again.)



Oh yes! After almost two weeks, here's my hair! Still so shiny, smooth, and looks naturally straight.  :)

Please don't forget to use the conditioner that will suit your hair type.  I also deep condition my hair twice a week.  I will also post the product

that I'm using as treatment for my hair weekly. :)


Remember to take good care of your hair, it's our crowning glory ladies! Smooches! :*

Schwarzkopf Citre Chine Colour Prism Conditioner

By Beauty Train · February 24, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I was looking for a conditioner for my newly color treated hair when I saw this in SM supermaket.  I was actually looking for Cream Silk Black but I wasn't able to find any even in Watsons so I decided to try this one knowing that Schwarzkopf is one of the great brands when it comes to hair care.  I bought this for Php199.00.  I was wondering why so cheap eh? It is a big bottle like 500ml? ( i forgot the exact size)  But when I tried it to my hair, it was worst! I'm telling you!  I've tried a lot of hair products / conditioner but this was the worst.  My hair was really frizzy, sticky, and very hard to comb! Oh my! I was planning not to use this anymore but I just don't want my 199php go to waste so I really consumed this so fast. I put large amount to my hair hoping that it will reverse the effect and give my hair a bit of shine or sofness but to no avail.  Now, I am so happy that I finished this already and I'll definitely never buy this again!

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January 2012 Mini-Haul

By Beauty Train · January 18, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Check this - I went to Robinsons Department Store in Festival:


- Got myself my first gel liners from Maybelline in brown and black (*around 450PHP each) with free brush!

- Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake in silk for 399PHP (which I now use for highlight) which comes with sponge and mirror

- Ever Bilena Blush in Earth (brown) for 150PHP only with brush and mirror


Sorry for the blurry picture - we were testing a friend's new digial camera.






E.L.F. Day to Night Beauty on the go

By Beauty Train · January 11, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I am thinking for what kind of gift I can buy for my aunt who just arrived from Australia and I'll be visiting her in Pampanga this weekend.  Since she is always outside going everywhere :)) plus the fact that she likes make-ups, I passed by Watsons and saw this very charming palette.

This is only for Php399.95.  The packaging is very nice, you don't even have to buy gift wrapper because the box really looks adorable.



It contains set of eyeshadows for day (left) and night (right).  It also has lip gloss palettes and blush! 

There's a whole at the bottom so you can easily put then remove the palette bar in case you want to use

the other set. :)


Here we go! It looks so nice and easy to carry.  It's good for those who travel a lot :)


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